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We are in our final preparations for our huge birthday party for Leeloo, the unbelievably huge fairy-tale art exhibition, our Sydney-based shindig and overall fun time!

Leeloo thanks all of the supporters, friends, believers, artists, designers, makers, crafters, customers, market visitors and Leeloo lovers in general out there that have helped us get to our 2nd birthday. It means a lot to us to be part of a community with such a big heart.

If you can make it to our Once Upon exhibition opening night, you are definitely in for a huge artistic treat. After framing all of the works on the weekend, being half way through arranging and hanging them up on the walls at aMBUSH gallery, almost finishing up with the goody bags with frankie back issues and cool coupons, receiving the lovely bottles of tasty wine from Catalina Sounds, we are almost good to go!

If you’re stumped for a Christmas gift, many of the artworks are in the affordable range and would make a wonderful pressie for your favourite indie art lover. Alternatively, there will be a Leeloo pop-up store from the Friday to the Sunday so you can have a gander at some of our handmade goodies in the flesh!

HUGE thanks to Renee the absolute superstar who is one of the Once Upon organisers, one of the talented artists in the exhibition, the incredibly enthusiastic other half of {twin set}, and really just an all around awesome chick.

Hopefully if you can make it we’ll see you there, otherwise due to our commitment to the success of the event, we will catch you on the flip side!

Stay tuned for more artist profiles, pictures of the artworks, pictures of opening night, and maybe even a video! Lots of love from all of us at Leeloo, and happy 2nd birthday to us!

Thanks to:: frankie magazine :: Catalina Sounds :: aMBUSH gallery :: Forth Thread :: Design Federation :: the Finders Keepers

and Tabitha Emma for her gorgeous poster design


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Once Upon Poster

Once Upon A Time….

Having held her own exhibition (partnered with Melbourne’s Ashlee Maegan) with an unfortunately low attendance, fine artist and community enthusiast Renee Baker of Sydney’s Art4Friends became strongly disheartened by the “Sydney Art Scene”.  Via the blogosphere, Renee had heard of the vibrant and supportive artistic community within Melbourne, with a non-exclusive nature and high attendance regardless of the weather, she was disgruntled, irate and yep, even jealous.

In attendance that evening was Angela D’Alton, director and founder of Leeloo.com.au, the well-established online boutique, and known supporter of young, emerging Australian artists.  With Renee’s work having already been featured as part of the Leeloo family for over 12 months, (combined with a large dose of empathy for Renee), Angela decided; what better way to combat these issues than by having our very own exhibition, the way we want to do it?

When these two powerhouses of ADD-type behaviour, coffee and internet addiction put their heads together, it was decided to hold the exhibition to celebrate Leeloo’s 2nd birthday, in one of Sydney’s best underground venues supporting struggling artists, aMBUSH gallery.  Fast forward a few months, over 100 submissions and a lot of headaches later, Renee and Angela have curated 38 of the finest Australian artists participate in the Once Upon exhibition which will no doubt be a highlight on the Sydney art calendar.

Including frankie featured artists such as Catherine Campbell and Sarah McNeil, community favourites Caitlin Shearer and Kareem Rizk, Leeloo artists Bec Winnel and Ali J and a variety of talented newcomers and youngsters working in various media, there is bound to be something for everyone in this real life fairy tale of an exhibition.

Each artist has been allocated their own fairy tale to interpret, and 30 of the artists will create four original and new artworks to exhibit.  Also due to the volume of submissions, we have created On The Wall, where a further 8 artists involved will submit one piece to be included.

Opening night will be Thursday November 19th 2009 at aMBUSH gallery from 6pm to 9pm, with the exhibition open daily from 10am to 5pm through to Sunday 22nd November.  Artworks will be available for sale, and from Friday to Sunday there will be a Leeloo “pop-up store” for the public to have a hands-on look at some of our gorgeous online goodies.  All walks of life are welcome, and we look forward to seeing you there!

Angela and Renee
The End…or is it the beginning?

The Once Upon exhibition will feature work from the following artists ::

Ali J :: Amy Borrell  ::  Anna Laura Blandford  :: Bec Winnel  ::  Bel Johnstone :: Ben Zen  :: Caitlin Shearer ::  Catherine Campbell  :: Chrissy Lau ::  Courtney Brims  :: Dawn Tan ::  Elisa Mazzone  :: Ellara Woodlock  :: Emma Kidd  ::  Burntfeather  :: Jaxie Yael  :: Enyáj  :: Jessica Hyde  :: Jessica Klingelfuss  :: Jordan Clarke  :: Kaitlin Beckett  :: Kareem Rizk  :: Kareena Zerefos  :: Laura McKellar  :: Lucy Hope  :: Madelynn Holmes  :: Manuela Strano  :: Meeri Anneli  :: Melody Caramins  :: Natalie Perkins  :: Nicole Tattersall ::  Nina Mary  :: Rebecca Murphy  :: Renee Anne  :: Sarah Barron ::  Sarah McNeil  ::  Tabitha Patterson  :: TheRipeCollective

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