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Now that things have quietened down (ha ha ha) we have some pictures of our 2nd birthday party / Once Upon art exhibition opening night. Check out the gorgeous people who came along to support Leeloo, the artists, the community, and who helped us out.

I have so many people that I want to thank…..I know I’ve touched on it vaguely, but I really want everyone to know how grateful I am for their help, their time, their energy, their creativity and their enthusiasm.

Firstly, our supporters – frankie magazine, aMBUSH gallery, Catalina Sounds, the finders keepers market, Design Federation and Forth Thread. The promotional assistance, the hands-on help the products, and the general community support helps a lot. Thank you.

Secondly the artists – who were all allocated a fairy tale with no arguments or fuss and who produced such beautiful works for us to display and share with the community. Many sent Renee and I the loveliest notes, and lots flew in from interstate and brought buddies to opening night. It was overwhelming how pleased you all were to be involved and we were so glad to be able to have some community favourites alongside some enthusiastic first-time exhibitors. Thank you.

Thirdly a special mention to one of the artists, Tabitha Emma, who created the gorgeous exhibition poster which no doubt made a lot of people want to come along! This is one talented young lady, and if you are looking for an illustrator or designer, she has just finished her qualifications and is available for freelance work. Not only that she helped fill a whole pile of those goodie bags completely tirelessly. Thank you Tabi!

The Leeloo designers, who continue to amaze and inspire me with their hard work, creativity, understanding. Without the patience, care and generosity of spirit of the lovely family of Leeloo designers, my job would be much more unpleasant. You are truly an amazing bunch of people and I’m so glad to be a part of that in whatever way I can. Thanks for the Once Upon exhibition promo on your blogs et al! Thank you.

Our amazing team of helpers on the opening night and beyond. My husband, Renee’s boyf, Mum and her brother and all of those who helped us make opening night a smooth and enjoyable evening. Props to John and Bill at aMBUSH for all of their efforts too – you boys are so wonderful.

Lastly but by no means least, the incredibly beautiful, hard-working, contagiously enthusiastic, clever, sassy, funny and big-hearted partner-in-crime of mine, Renee. Without this gorgeous angel none of this would be possible and who is still to this day is working tirelessly on selling the artworks and prints from the show!

To answer many of your queries, yes, Renee and I will be running another exhibition next year, so stay tuned for details on submissions, dates and other details. Thanks to everyone who came, saw, bought, blogged, promoted, discussed and appreciated!

If you still are keen on purchasing art or prints, head to the Once Upon art for sale section to see what’s available.

Cheers and love

Angela xxoo


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We are in our final preparations for our huge birthday party for Leeloo, the unbelievably huge fairy-tale art exhibition, our Sydney-based shindig and overall fun time!

Leeloo thanks all of the supporters, friends, believers, artists, designers, makers, crafters, customers, market visitors and Leeloo lovers in general out there that have helped us get to our 2nd birthday. It means a lot to us to be part of a community with such a big heart.

If you can make it to our Once Upon exhibition opening night, you are definitely in for a huge artistic treat. After framing all of the works on the weekend, being half way through arranging and hanging them up on the walls at aMBUSH gallery, almost finishing up with the goody bags with frankie back issues and cool coupons, receiving the lovely bottles of tasty wine from Catalina Sounds, we are almost good to go!

If you’re stumped for a Christmas gift, many of the artworks are in the affordable range and would make a wonderful pressie for your favourite indie art lover. Alternatively, there will be a Leeloo pop-up store from the Friday to the Sunday so you can have a gander at some of our handmade goodies in the flesh!

HUGE thanks to Renee the absolute superstar who is one of the Once Upon organisers, one of the talented artists in the exhibition, the incredibly enthusiastic other half of {twin set}, and really just an all around awesome chick.

Hopefully if you can make it we’ll see you there, otherwise due to our commitment to the success of the event, we will catch you on the flip side!

Stay tuned for more artist profiles, pictures of the artworks, pictures of opening night, and maybe even a video! Lots of love from all of us at Leeloo, and happy 2nd birthday to us!

Thanks to:: frankie magazine :: Catalina Sounds :: aMBUSH gallery :: Forth Thread :: Design Federation :: the Finders Keepers

and Tabitha Emma for her gorgeous poster design

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Bec Winnel


Once Upon Artists :: Bec Winnel
From:: Victoria, Australia
:: Site & Blog ::

As seen in :: Oyster :: Yen :: Wooden Toy :: Blanket :: EDTN :: The Age :: Peppermint Mag (Cover Artwork) :: and more

P.S. Three more sleeps to Opening Night!

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Once Upon Artist :: Laura McKellar
From: Victoria, Australia
Site :: Blog :: MySpace ::

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Once Upon Artist :: Nicole Tattersall
From: Victoria, Australia
Blog :: RedBubble :: Flickr

Upcoming shows :: Smalls Show :: This Little Piggy :: Tattersall Family Show (TBA) :: Split Personalities (TBA) ::

As Seen In :: Blanket Magazine :: Frankie Mag :: Curvy 6 :: Peppermint Mag ::

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Manuela Strano


Once Upon Artist :: Manuela Strano
From: NSW, Australia

As Seen In :: Monster Children

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Lucy Hope


Once Upon Artist :: Lucy Hope
From: Northern Territory, Australia

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